Hunters4x4 Owner Bio's


David Lee

Owner/ Technician

David started Hunters 4x4 in 2013 out of WillyBuilt's shop renting a rack.  He moved to the current location on Cook Avenue later that year.  David has been mechanical since he was a child, taking things apart and figuring out how they work.  His employment background is broad having experience as general contractor, truck driver, and automotive prior to building this shop around his passion for off-roading.  He off-roads in his modified Jeep CJ7 and has been building and modifying rigs for about 25 years.  While David is typically in the shop working on customer's vehicles, you might talk with him when picking up or dropping off your rig or to trouble-shoot an issue prior to an appointment.  


Derrick Hanaway

Owner/Head of Sales

Derrick Hanaway

Derrick came to Hunters 4x4 in February of 2019 and joined as a partner 5 months later. He brings with him 11 years of automotive experience as well as business experience having run his own mobile  road service post working at Les Schwab for 7 years. He enjoys off-roading currently in his highly

modified Toyota 4Runner and has been building rigs for more than 15 years. Derrick is likely the person you will talk to in the front office when getting a quote. His background, knowledge and

personality ensure customers experience is top notch from the initial call and quote through the service.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, he has a great ability to guide you toward the appropriate

parts and service that fit your budget and needs


Angela Morris

Owner/Office Manager

Angela came to Hunters 4x4 in October of 2019, and joined the team as a partner at the end of 2020.

She spent most of her career in upper management in a Bay Area high tech company Her business

background lends itself well to helping the shop grow and invest. She helps in the front of the shop

with customers as well. After about a year with Hunters, she purchased her own Jeep LJ and is having

a ball wheeling with the team


Willy Brady

Owner/Head Fabricator

Willy joined Hunters 4x4 in 2018 and became a business partner in June 2019. He came to Hunters at

David's request after running his own shop, WillyBuilt, for 20 years. While he spent a lot of years

specializing in hot rods, chassis and engine builds, he has a vast experience in building off-road rigs as

well. He currently off-roads in an extremely capable custom built Willy's wagon on 40s. Willy spends

most of his time in the shop working on customer's vehicles. He is a creative fabricator and has an

extreme amount of pride in his work resulting in very satisfied customers.