Our family has been shooting competitively since 2001.  As SASS champions we understand what it takes and what equipment is required to win:  Perfect practice, persistence and precision products.  A high quality hard cast lead bullet can mean the difference between 1st and 2nd Place.  Considering the Nike adage, "You don't win silver... you lose Gold," is the reason we strive to maximize our customer's potential by providing the best product possible, while delivering excellent value and service.  Bottom line, the only people who receive attention are the ones who place first or dead last. No one remembers second place.  As tough as that sounds, it's true.

Hard Cast Lead Bullets

Our hard cast lead bullets are our staple product.  They have exceeded our expectation and outperformed various lead competitors.  We have won countless monthly Cowboy Action Shooting matches, numerous annual championships, multiple state championships and a regional championship.  Through a prior shooting season we estimated we shot approximately 3,500 rounds of ammo through each firearm without running a patch, wad, bore cleaning solution or anything that would clean the barrel in any of our guns.  At the end of the season we inspected the guns and found virtually no leading in any of the barrels or forcing cones.  The firearms shot point of aim (POA) as if they were new.  We confirmed that we had the right formula for bullet hardness, case pressure and the appropriate lubrication.  By utilizing proper alloys, materials and processing we believe our lead is the perfect balance of durability and performance.

Polymer Coated Bullets


In February of 2015, we decided to diversify our product line further through the process of applying polymer coating to our premium quality hard cast lead bullets.  After extensive research and testing we decided to offer this upgraded version of our products for customers who want an accurate, reliable and more affordable alternative to jacketed bullets.  In addition to the accuracy and cost benefits, the polymer coated bullets provide more reloading flexibility than that of various plated projectiles.  Smoke associated with lead is virtually eliminated as wax is no longer necessary due to the slick properties of the polymer coating.  In August of 2015 we started production of our polymer line.  We were fortunate to have one of the premier custom 1911 single and double stack manufacturers in the country, Mr. Brandon Strayer, of Infinity Firearms:www.sviguns.com help with the testing and evaluation of our polymer products.  Infinity's reputation for outstanding quality and excellence are known worldwide.  We sent our projectiles to Mr. Strayer knowing that he would test them under the most stringent conditions, providing us with the most accurate and dependable information.

For the test, Mr. Strayer used a 6 inch 9mm Infinity AET barrel set into a firing fixture to eliminate human error.  At 54 YARDS our 147 grain 9mm flat point shot 5 bullets in a 1.85 inch group.

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